Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Tips For Planning A Successful Beach Wedding Celebration

by Philip Douglas

If you have decided that you want to get married on a local beach, then there are many things you should do to ensure that your celebration goes off without a hitch. Since beach sand, access, and weather can cause issues with your planning, it is vital that you take these types of thing into consideration when planning your big day. To this end, here are some beach wedding planning tips for you to use: 

Tip: Find Out if You Need a Permit to Have a Wedding on Your Local Beach

Just as you sometimes need a special permit to hold a party in a local grassy park, so too is the case for many beaches. Especially if the beach you have chosen for your wedding is part of a state park, you very likely will need to obtain a special permit to have your celebration there. Figure out who manages your local beach, and then contact them about obtaining a permit.

Tip: Consider the Tide When Planning a Beach Event

Whether you are having just your wedding ceremony on the beach or if you plan to include a lengthy reception afterward, you must consider the ocean's tide in your plans. Since the water level will vary greatly between low tide and high tide, you need to ensure that you are always above the water line with your food and decorations.

Tip: Take the Unique Weather on the Seashore Into Consideration When Planning Your Wedding

If you are having a summer wedding on the beach, you might not realize that this time of year can bring a lot of early morning and early evening fog and rain into the area. However, the temperatures during the peak time of day can soar and make your guests uncomfortably hot. For these reasons, you should always plan a beach wedding for late in the morning or early in the afternoon to hit the sweet spot in the weather.

Tip: Understand How the Beach's Sand will Affect Your Food, Flowers, and Guest's Comfort

Finally, while the views of the ocean from the beach are wonderful, the sand isn't always so much fun when it gets stuck to your cake, beats mercilessly on your delicate flowers, and drives your guests crazy because their shoes sink into it when they walk around. For these reasons, you need to think about the sand when you plan your food options for the day and plan to use flowers that are sturdy and will not be easily damaged. Additionally, you need to let everyone know that comfortable beach shoes are a perfectly acceptable attire for your wedding celebration. For more information about Beach Weddings Alabama, contact a business in your area that offers these services. 


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Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

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