Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Creative Ways To Make Your Wedding Dress Match Your Wedding Theme

by Philip Douglas

Many people choose a specific theme for their wedding. All of the decorations, location, and colors revolve around that theme. What about the dress? Most brides choose a dress they love, but it might not have any connection to the wedding theme. With a little bit of creativity, you can add some flair to your dress that reflects the theme. Here are some ideas based on common wedding themes:


Just because you are having a rustic wedding doesn't mean you can't have a fabulous dress. It doesn't have to be a simple dress, either. One of the easiest ways to make your beautiful dress fit a rustic theme is wear a pair of boots. As you walk down the aisle, no one will notice the boots. Show them off during the reception. To add some country flair to your dress, pick out a calico or gingham fabric that matches your color scheme. Have the inside of the skirt lined with the fabric. Just like with the boots, no one will notice the color until you lift your skirt while on the dance floor during the reception.

Luau, Beach, or Nautical

All three of these themes involve the water, the beach, or the tropics. Incorporate the beach and the blue-green water into your dress. Purchase small shell beads, the kind you find in craft stores with holes already drilled in them, and sew them to the bodice or skirt of your dress. You could also sew them to the veil if you don't want to mess with the dress. Add a bit of the water to your dress using blue fabric. Wear it as a belt around your waste, lining under the skirt, or a sash that drapes diagonally over your chest. The blue looks like water flowing down your body.


Asian weddings use lots of red and yellow. White represents mourning and not happy times like a wedding. If your wedding is going to be Asian-themed, you might not want your dress to be white. Rock that red and yellow to match the theme. If you still want a white dress, and no one can stop you, add some pink cherry blossoms. You can find fake cherry blossoms and sew them to the skirt or bodice of your dress. The light pink won't stand out and will instead add a hint of color.

Winter or Christmas

It might seem easy to choose a dress that reflects a winter or Christmas-themed wedding. All you need to do is wear a white dress, right? What if you want to add some extra flair to your dress? For a Christmas theme wedding, you can add some red material as a lining under the skirt. For winter theme, maybe add some silver material under the skirt or as a sash around your waist. For either Christmas or winter, sew small sparkly snowflakes to the veil.

Your dress is an important part of your wedding. Make it match your theme with these simple, creative ideas. Contact Allisha Wedding for more information.


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Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

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