Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

5 Smart Strategies For Finding A Great Caterer For Your Wedding

by Philip Douglas

Naturally, you want the food and beverage options available to guests at your wedding reception to be delicious, aesthetically appealing, and fitting for the occasion. Finding a good wedding caterer can be hit or miss, and the company that catered your best friend's wedding last year that did a fabulous job may nonetheless not be the right one for your particular occasion. Following are five tips designed to help you find the perfect caterer to help make your special day shine. 

Create a Clear Budget

Having a defined budget in hand helps narrow down the playing field. Being able to provide a catering with a realistic figure concerning what you have to spend will help them tailor a proposal designed to meet your needs. It will also save you a significant amount of time because you'll only be checking out companies within your price range. 

Decide on Food and Beverage Types

After you've made out a budget, you can further narrow down your catering possibilities by looking for companies that specialize in the kind of food and beverages you want to serve. If you want to serve country barbecue at your reception, for instance, cross catering companies that specialize in vegan food off your list. 

Gather Several Proposals

Once you've narrowed down your options according to budgetary boundaries, ask several of the companies for proposals. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to go with the one who provides the least expensive proposal -- pick the one whose proposal best suits your individual vision for your reception. It's a good idea to only ask for proposals from companies you are seriously considering using rather than all of those available at your price range. 

Communication Matters

Paying strict attention to the initial communication with each company will help you decide which one will be best be able to help you create the reception experience you want. If communication is minimal from the start, it won't get any better if you choose to move forward with that particular company. You want a company that's willing to discuss your ideas and vision so that they can make them happen. 

Enlist the Help of a Great Wedding Planner

Preparing for a wedding is hard work that takes up a great deal of time, so consider turning over the bulk of the legwork to a professional wedding planner. After all, this is supposed to be among one of the best times of your life, so let someone else iron out the details so that you can relax and enjoy this special time. 

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Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

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