Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

What Are Some Good Tips When Planning A Bridal Registry

by Philip Douglas

Are you planning to get married? If so, you should consider a bridal registry. Some couples want to get bridal registries. However, they do not know how to get started. They may not even know the best time to inform wedding attendees of where their registries are located. The following points should help you as you plan your bridal registry.

Keep Your Partner Involved

Some couples opt to have one partner to plan the registry. It is a good idea for both of you to make decisions about the gifts that will be on the bridal registry as well as choosing the stores you will register at. This can be done at a day out and can provide some fun bonding time. This is especially true for couples who have different tastes. Registering as a couple also makes it easier for guests to find the registries. It further shows that you and your partner plan to have a lifetime together.

Provide the Information in a Timely Manner 

It is good etiquette to provide your bridal registry information as soon as possible. This will allow guests to have time to budget and plan which gifts they intend to give. It may even be difficult for some individuals to buy a gift if you wait until the last minute to give them the details.

Vary the Price Ranges of Gifts

Think of your guests. It is fine to put expensive items on your bridal registry. However, keep in mind that some guests may prefer to give a budget-friendly gift. This ensures that those who cannot afford an expensive gift, such as a set of fine China, gets a chance to buy from the registry, too. It is also less intimidating and ensures that guests are comfortable. This can be achieved by having more than one registry.

Choose Items Wisely

Do not choose gifts sporadically. You may choose items that you will regret listing at a later date. Also, it is not in bad taste to choose a bridal registry at a shop or store that is not mainstream. For example, some handmade craft stores offer bridal registries. 

You can learn other helpful tips regarding bridal registries by visiting the stores you enjoy to shop at. Some of these stores may have planners who can help you along the way. Keep in mind it will be your special day. Have fun and do not allow your planning to stress you out.


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Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

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