Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

Creative Wedding Venue Ideas

by Philip Douglas

When planning your wedding, the first item you'll most likely want to check off your to-do list is choosing the venue. No matter what your planning budget is, you'll be able to find a space that will provide the backdrop of the wedding of your dreams. 

The first logistic you need to consider when picking the space is whether you want an indoor or outdoor venue. Depending on the time of year, you'll find no shortage of either. In case of predictable weather, a venue offering both indoor and outdoor space may be the best option.

Next, you'll need to consider the size of your guest list when narrowing down the perfect space. Provide ample room for your friends and family to easily mix, mingle, eat and dance. If you have an indoor venue and are worried that you won't have enough room, you can set up an overflow tent outside if the weather is nice.

Here are some creative indoor and outdoor wedding venue ideas to consider:

Indoor Venues

1. Museums 

If you and your fiance love a particular museum, or if there is a particular one that you had your first date at, it may make the perfect romantic wedding venue. Some ideas include art history, natural history and other types of cultural museums.

Start by contacting the menu and inquiring about event space, as some may offer just a small area for celebrations, while others may allow you to close the entire venue. Ask if alcohol is allowed on premises, and if they provide an onsite caterer. 

2. Breweries and Wineries 

Breweries and wineries make unique and versatile wedding venues as they often provide both indoor and outdoor space. Guests can taste local beverages as well as tour the grounds after you say "I do." Many breweries and wineries also offer onsite eateries, ranging from casual pub fare to 5-star cuisine. 

Outdoor Venues

1. Farms 

For couples who crave a more natural, rustic setting, rural farms may offer the best wedding backdrops. Not only to barns provide ambiance, they also make convenient shelters during inclement weather. 

String light-wrapped wood beams, hale bales and even blooming flowers and crops are a wedding photographer's dream, and there is plenty of space to set up long guest tables. If the venue allows, you can also set up portable dance floors for all-night entertainment.

2. Beaches 

If you're looking for a low-key setting to exchange vows and then celebrate afterwards, either a lake or ocean beach may be your answer. You can make the space as relaxed or luxurious as you prefer, by setting up either plush seating and elegant canopies, or casual beach chairs. 

Before booking the space, check with local ordinances to see if music and alcohol is allowed on the beach if those are priorities to you. 


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Adding Special Touches To Your Wedding

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